Tween girls (age 10 – 13) are in a very interesting time of their lives.  The tweens are struggling with what they should be like, and where they fit in with their friends.  Many changes and emotions surface.  Inch by Inch Empowerment is helping this age group of girls figure out who they are, and be okay being themselves.

We have created 3 different packages of engagement for tweens.  An online program to help the tweens feel brave, bold, and celebrate being themselves.  Some of the areas included are:

Being brave – feeling brave enough to speak their truth, in front of others.

Being bold – being okay with stepping outside her box, trying something new, sticking up for a friend.  For example a girl was being teased, and the girl in the IBI program stepped up and helped the other girl being bullied.

Being a happy helper – learning what she loves to do, and goes and volunteers in her community at the places she is interested in.

Being a mover – what does your daughter do to get her body moving?  To get outside and enjoy nature.

Hear what these tweens thought of the “Be Brave” 4 hr workshop they participated in Sept. 2014!

Each module has activities and questions for the tween to work through.  There are also ways to have more interaction with the CEO of Inch by Inch Empowerment.

Choose to upgrade to package 2 and have 1 skype/zoom check in sessions for 30min a week.  Or even better to have the most impact on your tween upgrade to package 3 and also be given a full hour skype/zoom to check in on the module work each week.

Chose your package below!  Let’s get started!

Package Choices

Are you a teacher/youth leader wanting a special program just for you and your tween girls, have us having Inch by Inch Empowerment come to your school/event live!

Send an e-mail to us via the contact page  putting in the heading Tween Girl Live Event in the subject line