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To be bold is a choice

Being bold is a choice.  I chose to be bold most of the time.  Sometimes I choose to be quiet, and introspective on myself.  Some days I wear my sweatshirt and a ball cap.  Blending in with others.  And yes there are even days when I do not want to be seen, I want to hide in my blankets and shut out the world.

To be fully me is to accept all emotions and actions of myself.

We all go through emotions on a daily basis.  Some times many in the first half of the day.  You are allowed to feel all your emotions, all your quirks, for this is what makes you YOU!

Choose to be bold, what ever that level is for you!

Being bold is a choice, on how much you wish to express yourself.  When I am working during the day at my day job, I do not wear the feathers in my hair that often.  I am still being me though.

Think about how your emotions and level of ‘boldness’ how you are each day.  Start a journal or check list to track how bold you are in the day, and post below how your tracking is going.  Celebrate each level.

Where are your emotions?

Here’s an idea do a 1 – 10 boldness ranking, circle the number that suites you today, and then write a sentence under on how/why you felt that way.  Notice what has been going on in your world, and in your environment.  Notice how you are feeling too.  If not notice yourself being under 3 for a few days in a row then think what is going on, and how can you change this to a 5 or 6.  Remember change takes time, and being fully 10 bold in your life takes work.  As I said there are times that I just want to hide away under my blankets.

I believe in YOU!  I know you can do it!


Be Bold! Speak your truth!

This week’s video blog is about being bold.  How was I bold in creating this video for you?

Watch and then comment below on how you are going to be bold this week?  Will you speak your truth?  Remembering to be respectful when you speak your truth!

What will you do that stretches out outside your box?  What will you do that is a bit or a lot creative.  Share with us!



Celebrating YOU

Pride Parade 2014

Pride Parade 2014

Yesterday I went to my first Pride Parade.  I was walking in the parade with the organization called BoddyGuards United.  Celebrating being ourselves, standing up to bullying, and empowering the next generation to be brave, bold, and themselves!

While waiting for the parade to start, I was very aware of all the people, and came to an interesting observation of how this population of LGBT folk live.  Many do not care what others think of them.  I saw people dressed in drag, dressed in leather, and people dressed with lots of colour, sparkles, and feathers.  They were walking around on the parade route with energy, sparkle, and loving everyone.

They were celebrating being themselves.  Here’s what got me thinking.  Why can’t we all celebrate being ourselves?  Why can’t we all love ourselves as we are?  I know there are many women in the world who walk around not living their true brilliant self.  They are not celebrating their uniqueness.

What are you doing to celebrate being YOU?  Okay, so maybe you don’t walk around with sparkles and bright colours on, yet are you celebrating your individualism?  Or are you just going around the day to day activities feeling stuck, and going with the rest of the pack.

Think of the tv show Criminal Minds the one character Penelope.  She celebrates being herself, and during one show she conformed to what the other members of the BAU wanted.  She dressed in a grey neutral colour, and even attempted to wear contacts instead of her funky glasses.  She was miserable, and was not able to do her duties to the fullest.  She didn’t feel like herself.  Until another character told her to be herself, to be different.  She changed her look back to what was comfortable for her, and the case was solved.  Some have compared me to the character Penelope.  Because I am different, I choose to be myself.  To celebrate being ME.

Criminal Minds Penelope Garcia

Criminal Minds Penelope Garcia

So how do you celebrate being yourself?  I love wearing colour all year round, and sometimes I will wear feathers/fascinators in my hair.  It’s not because I have to, it’s because I choose to.  A lot of the time I get smiles directed towards me.  There was one week, were I did a fascinator challenge.  Each day I wore something in my hair and video blogged about it.  With a post on FaceBook about my experience.

Post below, I would love to hear how you celebrate being you.  Because the world is waiting for your shine and glow!  As the awesome Sally Hogshead says:  “100% you trumps 100% perfect!”  So show up as yourself.  Celebrate being YOU!