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Happy Helpers Rock

Happy to be back to school?

Happy to be back to school?

Parents!  This is another great blog to read with your daughters!  All about figuring out what makes them happy, and ideas about helping others in the community. 

It’s back to school time!  Some people love this time of year, some people dread it.  What do you think about back to school?  I remember going back to school, and not being happy, this is a place where I was teased and made fun of daily.  I preferred to be not at school, yet I kept with it, and went to school every day.  What helped me was finding things that made me happy and doing that.

What do you like to do that makes you happy?  When was the last time you laughed out loud till your sides hurt?  It does means different things to different people.  Some people may enjoy hiking in the woods, and others may like reading a good book in a quiet library.  Make a list of what makes you happy, have 10 things in your list!

Or when you hear the word happy what do you think of?  There can be happy people, happy places, happy memories, and even happy colours and songs.

Using what makes you happy can move you forward to helping others in your community as a volunteer.  And even helping others around the world.

If you could help someone or somewhere in your community that would make you happy what would you do?  Or where would you go?  For example, if puppies make you happy, how can you volunteer and be with puppies?  I know of people who volunteer at an animal shelter.

And just think what if you were to help others around the world.  What a cool idea that would be.  How can you help others around the world you might be asking?  Easy!  So many organizations are on Google that you can search out volunteering around the world and get involved.  Or another idea for you is why not raise money by selling something you made and the money will be collected and you can send it to another country who wants clean water or sports equipment for the children.  I know of a girl who makes bracelets made by women and girls in Africa, and she sells the bracelets in Canada and donates the money back to the women and girls in Africa.

There is also the WE Day that happens here in Canada.  All about kids your age doing good things in their communities.  Check out this video about WE Day, and how you can become involved!




The World Can Be Helped Too

World and helping go hand in hand.

The world is a big place.  The world needs our help.  This week let’s talk about how we can help on a bigger scale.  How can the world be helped.

Remember how last week I asked you what makes you happy, or what are things you like to do?  Go back to that list.  Now, perhaps you like sports.  Did you know that there is a world wide volunteer organization that helps kids play sports.  It’s called Right To Play.  Right To Play helps countries that may not have resources or funds to gain access to sports equipment so they can play soccer, or basket ball.

Some of the world wide volunteer organizations that I have found in a google search have been started by kids!  So please do not think that just because your children are 9 or 11 that they are not able to help on a bigger scale.  They can, and have.  This website has a a list of organizations that are all about volunteering, that have been started by kids!

Girls helping in a kitchen volunteering.

Thinking back to when I was in school, I volunteered in my community yes, and when within Girl Guides, we did projects that sent things to other countries around the world.  To help other girls play, or just be a kid.  We thought it was a fun thing to do, it was like having a pen pal around the world.

Speaking of pen pals, I had one for a long time, in England.  It was fun to write to her and see what was happening in her part of the world.

Being a happy helper around the world can bring so much joy to your daughters.  If you want to expand and let your daughter learn about helping others in the community and the world then consider signing her up for our programs!  Check out the tween program here.  Or the teen program here.



Helping in the Community

Giving back to the community, helping or volunteering is something that I have always enjoyed doing.  And YES!  I know you can too.

Make a list of what you like to do that makes you happy, and then go out and find places in your community that are looking for volunteers for the community.

Example, if you like sports, how can you volunteer and be a happy helper at an event in your community.  I’m thinking about tennis for an idea.  If you play tennis and enjoy it.  What about volunteering at a competition as a ball runner?

Do a search on the internet for your community and volunteer opportunities for you.  There are ways you can look for your own unique categories, even by youth/adult.

Check out this video below of my vlog for the week with other ideas on how you can help in your own community!  Yes you can!  I believe in YOU!



April = How will you help?

How will you help?

How will you help?

So now it is April!  Wow!  Got a question for you, what do you think of when you hear the word ‘help’?  Also…….where did the first three months of the year go?  Have you seen some changes in yourself?  How are you choosing to be brave, to be yourself?  For April we turn and focus on others, how will you help others.

We touch on helping others in our community, and on a global scale.  I will share some places where I have helped in person, here in Calgary, and then getting to stretch.  Thinking on where you can help on a larger scale.

Yes I’m talking about helping on a global level.  You can do it, it may take some imagination.  Helping others on all levels take some thinking outside the box sometimes.

There one word that I’m suggesting that we will dive into more next week, and that is the word happy.

Many kids volunteer and help others all over their community, it can be big or small.  My parents had me volunteering and helping others in many ways even when I was young, still in elementary school.  It felt good to help others.

There are ways people can help that are not money related either.  We’ll discover those ways as well this month.

Help others world wide!

Help others world wide!


I know you may be thinking you are small.  Yet everyone helping bit by bit can bring together many small things into one big awesome thing that will help many.

Want to learn how you and your daughter can learn about this topic more?  Click here to find out more.  To start your journey of helping and you live in Calgary check this website out  Volunteer Calgary