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Dreams are Powerful

Dreams are important!

Dreams are important!

Parents, and caring adults, do you remember dreaming as a child?  Our dreams as a child could be very different from what they are today.  Maybe dreams you had as a child were squashed, or even laughed at by friends, or family.  This blog post is all about dreams, for your daughter, or young girls in you lives.  Be open to this idea again. 

Dreaming is so important to being a Wonder Girl.  As a Wonder Girl dreams are what keep you motivated and moving forward. Many adults forget how to dream.  This is because when those adults were your age other adults told them that those dreams are foolish, and even stupid.  Those people who tell you that the dreams are foolish want to see you succeed, yet may be scared of how it will play out.  Your parents for example may be afraid for you to not achieve your dreams, and want to protect you.

Dreams are allowed to be big, to be scary even.  The way for you to achieve that dream is to break it down into small goals.  Say for example you have a dram to travel to Ireland and stay in a castle just like “Merida” from the Disney movie “Brave”.  What is something you need to do to get started?  Do you need to learn about Ireland?  Do you need to look on the internet about castles? 

Speaking of a goal, some may see the word dream and goal as the same.  Start to think.  Do you have goals that you want to accomplish?

How many goals can you have you maybe asking?  The sky is the limit!  You can have as many dreams and goals as you wish!  One of the secrets to having them come true is to share them with people.  Never lose sight of the end dream.  And once you reach the end of achieving that dream, continue onto another one!  Always be thinking what’s the next step?  Never give up and keep going!

This is one of my favourite songs about dreaming.  Take a listen and read the words.  So very powerful!!

What are you doing to go forward and dream again?  Tell me below!





Being Bold In Your Life!

How will you be bold in your life?

They are being bold!  Will you be bold in your life?

Caring adults, this is another message for both you and the tween/teen girl in your life.  Have a discussion about this, and figure out the plan of attack.  This will make sense as you read the blog this week.  This week let’s discuss being bold more intimately.  Being bold is about finding your voice.  Choosing to stand up for you.  Speaking your mind even if you are scared to, yet know it’s the right thing to do.

If you see something happening that isn’t right what do you do?  Do you say nothing?  Do you tell a teacher/trusted adult?  Do you confront them?  Being a Wonder Girl who is bold means either confronting them (only and I repeat ONLY if it’s safe to do so) or telling a trusted adult. 

Being bold also means speaking your truth to adults.  For example your teacher maybe asking for response from the class about a topic you are discussing.  Raise your hand and give your example/idea.  It can also mean speaking your truth to your parents or other trusted adults when something is wrong.

When you are bold you are also planning out the way you do things.  Being brave remember was more like feel the fear and do it anyway.  Being bold, is knowing what you want to accomplish, and moving ahead and creating steps to make it happen.  So for example, if you want to get your driver’s licence what is the first step you need to do?  Get the learner’s book would be the first step.  Read it, and talk with your caring adult about driving, and even asking questions on driving.  Becoming aware of your parents when driving is another idea, watch how they drive, and make a mental note in your head on what the do, compared to what is in the book.  When you are ready and old enough, go and take the learners test.  I know when I did mine, it took me 2 times to do my test.  In Ontario we were only allowed a certain number of mistakes on the test.  It is a written test we did.

Tell me below how you are going to be bold today!



May Wrap up

Dream big, or dream bigger! Did you dream in May?

May has come to a close!  Wow!  Did you get to dreaming big?  What were your dreams?  Where did you put your vision board?

Remember dreaming is important and needs to be done.  Even those in there 50’s and 60’s and older can dream.  It’s okay to dream.

This month of May, I hope I have inspired you to dream big again.  My business sherpa Colin Sprake from Make Your Mark has a saying of dream big, or dream bigger!  And that is what I want you to do too!

Check out the video I did of my year in review of my own vision board that I did last May/June with Colin and his team.


If you want your daughter to dream big this summer, reach out to me.  Would love to help her!  Click here!


Dream Board Creation

-Dream big...or dream bigger!  The choice is always going to be YOURS!-Dream boards are awesome things to create, and then look at/use when complete.  Have you ever made one?

I have done many dream boards over the past few years.  Check out this video below of my most recent vision board or dream board as I also call it.

I still have the first one I made too.  It’s fun to go back and look at them.  I am also in the process of making a dream book.  Choosing a scrap book of blank paper cutting and gluing my pictures and quotes into the book.

If you want help for your daughter to start dreaming again and more please come on over to the main site, and check out what we offer.

Continue to dream and stretch.  I believe in you!





Inch by inch yes YOU can!

inch by inch you can dream and do it!

Inch by inch I know you can reach goals and dreams.  What is something you wanted to do when younger, yet never did.  Or what was a dream you had when younger?

I’ve been noticing that as kids transition to teens, and then adults that the dreams that we had a child, go away.  A lot of the time how this appears to happen is school and life.  Children are told as they grow that sometimes there dreams are silly, that the will never get to be the NHL hockey star, or the next Katy Perry.  A lot of the time kids are told to get back to reality, and get their heads out of the clouds.  Especially as they grow, and hit high school.  Inch by inch their dreams are broken apart.  Sometimes by those who love them the most.

Speaking of myself, I know when I was a young girl, I wanted to dance on stage doing ballet.  It was a dream I had.  A loved one told me that the dream of dancing on stage can not continue as I did not look like a dancer.

last time dancing ballet on stage

last time dancing ballet on stage

It’s time to awaken your dreams again!  How are you going to inch by inch do that?  Think of something you wanted to do as a child, and write that down on paper.  Then create ways that you can move towards that goal or dream.  Small steps, or as I like to say inch by inch you can get there.

There is a song that always reminds me to dream.  My friend Annie sent me the video and I want to encourage you to continue to dream.  Inch by inch you can dream again!

Would you love to help your daughter awaken her dreams again?  It can be done!  Click here for your tween daughter and click here for your teenage daughter!


May Dreaming

Dreaming big, dreaming lots….

Dreaming when you sleep can bring about many great things.  This month of May we take the idea of dreaming bigger.  To create dreams and goals for yourself.

When was the last time you sat and allowed yourself to dream?  I know as I got older, dreaming big was sucked out of me, being creative even was sucked out of me.  This month we are going to allow ourselves to have those big dreaming moments.

It’s okay to dream big.  A business sherpa of mine Colin Sprake speaks about this.  He says go big, or go bigger.  And he’s so true!!  I like to say now “Dream big, or dream bigger!  The choice is always going to be YOURS!”

I am excited to hear below in the comments what you are dreaming about.  What was something you were wanting to do when younger, yet were told it was a silly thing to dream.

-Dream big...or dream bigger!  The choice is always going to be YOURS!-

If you want more information on dreaming, and how to help your daughter click here for your tween daughter.  Or here for your teenage daughter.  I look forward to helping her dream big again, and reach her goals!  I know she can do it, inch by inch dreaming can take place again for both her and YOU!



Will the real you please stand up!

Cinderella’s shoe made of glass

So we’ve come to the end of the month again!  Wow!  Where has time gone?

What are you doing different this month to be more you? Let’s review shall we?

Have you tried new things?  Are you different on the weekend than you are during the week?  And remember being you is all about a choice.

I sometimes do not dress the same way that I do on the week day, than on the weekend.  And that is perfectly okay. Being you, is being comfortable in your skin, and letting others see you, the real you.

It’s time to stand up and be seen for who you are.  And your friends/family will support you.  I went to see the new Cinderella movie this past weekend.  There is a scene towards the end of the movie, about Cinderella meeting the Prince after the ball.  She’s worried about meeting him.  As she fears because there is no Fairy God Mother magic that he will not like her the same.  Cinderella chooses to have courage and let’s the Prince see her as she is with no magic.

Cinderella chose stand in her own magic of being herself, being seen.  The Prince of course remembers her and well you know the end of the story “they all lived happily ever after”.

Keep being YOU.  I believe in YOU being the best you in the world.  As there is no one else in the world like you, so celebrate and create magic where ever you go.  Believe in magic!

If you want help with being you, then reach out to me.  Let’s connect, and I know I can help you break free from your own blocks to be the best you in the world!  It’s time to stand up in your own power too just like Cinderella!



Give Back Always

where will you give back?

where will you give back?

It has been an emotional month of August for me.  My ‘baby’ was birthed on the 2nd of August.  I gathered 29 amazing people from around the world and asked them to share a story of overcoming adversity as a child.  The stories were powerful, and emotional to read.  As the stories started hitting the paper inside the book, I was amazed each time after reading the chapters how strong children are.  How they can bounce back from what ever they are experiencing.

For me there was another reason to put the book together.  I wanted to give back.  Giving back to a hospital that saved my life.  The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), in Ottawa Canada saved my life.  I decided early on when in the planning stages to give back to this hospital.  1/3 of the book sales from Amazon is going to the Neonate Intenstive Care Unit at CHEO.  And so far with books alone the donation has reached $314 Canadian Dollars.  I have also asked each author in the book if they wish to donate their portion of their earnings from being in the book on the first day to go back to CHEO.  The ones I have heard from are amazing, as I can add an extra $100 to this total!  😀

There is a saying in eWomen Network and that is “give first, share always.”  And that is something I choose to live by.  Giving what I can, when I can and sharing always.  This is the first time in my business career I can say though that I am donating financially back to a charity that is more than $10.  I do buy raffle tickets at eWomen Network when I am able.  This is different though.  Giving one big chunk of money to a charity and hospital that saved my life feels different to me.

When you give back it also doesn’t have to be financially.  I have given back to community by volunteering my time at events.  Volunteering to help run an event.

Where in your life are you going to give back?  There’s the saying I’ve heard also that when you give back it comes back to you ten fold.

Write your comments below, would love to hear how you are going to chose to give back!

Who will you help in your life?

Who will you help in your life?


Start Living NOW!

eWomen Network lit signage in the hotel, Dallas Texas 2013

eWomen Network lit signage in the hotel, Dallas Texas 2013

My heart is heavy as I sit in a local greasy spoon diner to write today.  I’ve never come here to write.  I normally write in coffee or tea shops.  This morning I choose to come here.  The Blackfoot Truck Stop has been in Calgary for MANY years.

My belly is full on eggs benny, earl grey tea, and bacon.  Yet my heart is still sad and heavy.  Heaven had a knock at the door this early morning from my dear friend Shaun Stephenson who bravely fought a short battle with breast cancer.  Shaun was so full of light, wisdom, love, and compassion for others.  We met in 2012 at eWomen Network International Conference.  I was dancing around my chair before the event officially started.  Shaun came over to me and said she must get to know me, as she loves my energy, she thought it was beautiful.  It was an instant connection of heart to heart.  She was one of my first international cheer leaders from eWomen Network.  She always had words of wisdom to share, and a willingness and openness to dance when ever there was music playing.  We would dance anywhere at the conference where there was music playing.  We stayed in contact through the year with the magic of facebook.  Last year she even nominated me for the International Award for eWomen Network Business Matchmaker of the Year for 2013.

Rochelle, Shaun and myself at eWomen Network International Conference 2013, Dallas Texas.

Rochelle, Shaun and myself at eWomen Network International Conference 2013, Dallas Texas.

One of Shaun’s messages she kept sharing and spreading to others was to start living now.  She didn’t want us to wait till tomorrow.  So what am I doing about it?  I choose to live, even if it’s just a small step towards goals or dreams.  Remember Oprah doing her “Wildest Dreams Tour” one year?   I have crazy wild dreams like dancing on stage as a ‘back up dancer’ for Beyonce, dancing solo on the eWomen Network main stage to the song “Halo” by Beyonce.

Then I have other dreams that I have been working on for a while, one is to be a published author with my name on the front of the book.  I have been a part of a few books now that I am a contributing author too.  The two books last year made International Best Seller on Amazon within their first day on Amazon.  This was step one of the goal.  Now step two, is International Best Selling Author with my name on the front of the book, as the compiler!  And this is going to happen.  I have been working on a book project called “Inch by Inch ~ Growing in Life”.  As of right now there are 5 more spaces left.  This book will have stories from some brave and amazing men and women who openly share about overcoming adversity as a small child.

Inch by Inch ~ Growing in Life book cover.

Inch by Inch ~ Growing in Life book cover.


So my ask to you all, is what are you not doing that you need to be doing in your life to live?  What is it that makes your heart sing and dance?  What gets you jazzed about?  Let us know below in the comment section!

Start Living Now!

Start Living Now!


Taking Teamwork!

What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been in the land of Inch by Inch Empowerment.  I had a phone call with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario to see if the book project I’m working on could have part of it’s proceeds be donated to CHEO even as being specific to have the funds go to the NICU.  Well they said YES!  Check out this video with my reaction:

Then this week just a couple of days ago actually I was approached by the hospital to be one of their featured stories for their 40th Anniversary.  CHEO is celebrating 40 years of being in the community of Ottawa helping thousands of children and families on a daily basis. I am 1 of 40 stories that are going to be featured.  The stories are sent out weekly leading up to May 17.  The stories that I’ve read so far have been heartbreaking, and uplifting all at the same time.  Each story is sent to all staff at CHEO, as well as being posted on their website.  Check here for the stories so far!

According to the “Baby Center”  7% of babies born in Canada are premature, with 1.5% being born before 32 weeks, and 0.4% are born before 28 weeks.  This is why CHEO is so interested in my story.  I am in that 0.4%.  Back in 1976 it was very likely that babies born before 28 weeks would not live.  I was born 3 months early, with a birth weight of 1 pound 12 ounces.  I was given a 24hr chance at life.  The doctor thought I wouldn’t live past the 24hr mark.

When my Dad sent me my ‘birth journal’ that he kept, it was emotional to read.  So many ‘critical close calls’ after being born took place.  On IV’s, off IV’s, on oxygen, off oxygen, breathing, and not breathing.  There was something else though that caught my eye.  It was that there was a huge team working to save my life.  There were about 4 different doctors and a huge amount of nurses as well.  I even had a neonateologist while in the NICU.

I am reminded of the eWomen Network motto of “Taking teamwork to make the dream work.”  The doctors and nurses were working as a team to make the dream of saving my life come true.  And it worked.  I am very grateful to the entire team (including my parents) who saved my life, so I could be here today to be of service to women and girls all over the world.

Inch by Inch Cover Photo

If you have a story to share about a child you know that has overcome a challenge/adversity and want to be in the book project.  Action is required.  Not many spaces are left.  This book will reach around the world, and be a source of hope and inspiration to families who have little ones going through their own crisis.  Think about what you would say if you had the opportunity.

All the information can be found here.