Dreams are Powerful

valtrex germany Parents, and caring adults, do you remember dreaming as a child?  Our dreams as a child could be very different from what they are today.  Maybe dreams you had as a child were squashed, or even laughed at by friends, or family.  This blog post is all about dreams, for your daughter, or young girls […]

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Body Image

telma h 80 mg price in india Parents of tween and teen girls!  This article is for them!  Talk about it, don’t be afraid.  How comfortable are you in your own body? With school rolling around the corner let’s take a moment and talk about something….. There are experts that talk about being in your body, and being ‘one’ with something.  Think […]

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Will the real you please stand up!

where to buy desowen lotion in singapore So we’ve come to the end of the month again!  Wow!  Where has time gone? What are you doing different this month to be more you? Let’s review shall we? Have you tried new things?  Are you different on the weekend than you are during the week?  And remember being you is all about a […]

What have you observed?

elocon cream price australia So this week I would love to know what you observed as you went about your week?  What did you see when you looked at people walking down the street?  I find it fascinating how so many people are just blending in, going with the flow.  Are they really being themselves?  Or are they fitting […]