Dreams are Powerful

cost of epivir-hbv Parents, and caring adults, do you remember dreaming as a child?  Our dreams as a child could be very different from what they are today.  Maybe dreams you had as a child were squashed, or even laughed at by friends, or family.  This blog post is all about dreams, for your daughter, or young girls […]

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Confidence Grows Inch by Inch

cytotec ukraine To be confident, you also need to be brave.  Last week I was at eWomenNetwork International business conference and expo.  The theme of the conference was all about being confident.  I did something for the first time in 5 years of being at the conference.  I spoke in front of 900 plus business women and […]

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Inch by inch yes YOU can!

eflora cream buy online Inch by inch I know you can reach goals and dreams.  What is something you wanted to do when younger, yet never did.  Or what was a dream you had when younger? I’ve been noticing that as kids transition to teens, and then adults that the dreams that we had a child, go away.  A […]

Will the real you please stand up!

forxiga south africa price So we’ve come to the end of the month again!  Wow!  Where has time gone? What are you doing different this month to be more you? Let’s review shall we? Have you tried new things?  Are you different on the weekend than you are during the week?  And remember being you is all about a […]