How many yes’s do you

give to these questions?

  • You have a passion to empower the next generation of future leaders?  
  • You want to change the way girls see themselves? 
  • You’ve heard or seen girls being mean to themselves, or each other? 
  • Maybe you were bullied as a student and you remember those feelings of being lost, sad, depressed? 
  • You didn’t believe in yourself when you were a student, and wished there was a teacher who believed in you?

You as their teacher require specialized training to support the young female you see daily.  

Fill out this application and Aime will reach out to you in 48 business hours to set up a time to discuss.

Aime will be pouring into you all her knowledge, skill, and expertise from her 20 + years of working with youth.  She is all in 110% committed to seeing you succeed in this process.