May Wrap up

May has come to a close!  Wow!  Did you get to dreaming big?  What were your dreams?  Where did you put your vision board? Remember dreaming is important and needs to be done.  Even those in there 50’s and 60’s and older can dream.  It’s okay to dream. This month of May, I hope I […]

Dream Board Creation

Dream boards are awesome things to create, and then look at/use when complete.  Have you ever made one? I have done many dream boards over the past few years.  Check out this video below of my most recent vision board or dream board as I also call it. I still have the first one I […]

Choosing to be YOU

This month’s theme is all about being YOU!  How does that look like in your world?  What are you choosing today? Watch this video below and then let me know how you are choosing to be YOU today! Life is full of choices, you have many to make per day! One thing is for certain […]