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May Wrap up

Dream big, or dream bigger! Did you dream in May?

May has come to a close!  Wow!  Did you get to dreaming big?  What were your dreams?  Where did you put your vision board?

Remember dreaming is important and needs to be done.  Even those in there 50’s and 60’s and older can dream.  It’s okay to dream.

This month of May, I hope I have inspired you to dream big again.  My business sherpa Colin Sprake from Make Your Mark has a saying of dream big, or dream bigger!  And that is what I want you to do too!

Check out the video I did of my year in review of my own vision board that I did last May/June with Colin and his team.


If you want your daughter to dream big this summer, reach out to me.  Would love to help her!  Click here!


Weekend you…

What do you choose on the weekend?

What are you like on the weekend?  Are you different from your Monday to Friday way of being?

I know for me I am sometimes different on the weekend, choosing to stay in my p.j.s sometimes all day.  Or other times I will get up and go out for a walk in the warm weather.

Some times on the weekend I do have to go out and work with a client.  So then again I have an early start to my day, and I do other business work on the weekend too.  Many times I choose to go grocery shopping on the weekend, or go out to see friends.

What ever you choose to do on the weekend make it a great time.  For many the weekend is a time for reflection, and being with family.

Have a look at this video below, and let’s have a conversation on what we are like on the weekend.

If you want to dive deeper into this choice of being YOU for yourself or your daughter, then reach out to me and let’s connect!  I promise you that things will change.  Click here to send me a message!


Dear Principal

bullied girl







Tonight I wrote a letter to my old public elementary school where I attended.  I wanted to share it here as well to drum up some conversation around labeling kids with codes of special needs in schools.

My letter is open and raw.  Sharing what I experienced.  I know that things have changed in schools, yet a lot can still be done for inclusion of all students. As well as bullying is taken a lot more seriously today, than it was in the 80’s.  I took out the principal’s name for this blog and addressed just ‘principal’.  As well as I shortened my elementary school and secondary schools to just initials.

Dear: Principal,

How many of your students are coded with special needs in your school?  What I know to be true is that when I went to school at VWPS the idea of coding students was just coming into use.  Why do I know this?  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Aime Hutton, and I graduated grade 8 in June, 1991 from VWPS.

While going to school I struggled with the core subjects in math, reading, spelling, and comprehension.  I had many academic tests done in grade three to help understand what was going on with me.  It was deemed by the test results and the school system that I was diagnosed as a slow learner, and had border line learning disabilities/challenges.  I was told I would never write well, always be the “C” student never the “A” student.  My parents had a meeting after these test results came to light with the school principal, resource teacher, and the grade three teachers.  The school suggested having me in the special education program to continue my schooling at VWPS.  My parents were to have none of this.  They fought the suggestion from the school.  What was agreed upon was that I was held back a year in grade 3 to re-do it again.  I also had extra help in the class from the teachers, and the teacher’s assistant.

There were many nights I can remember sitting at the kitchen table in tears with spelling and math homework.  My brain just could not get the concepts.  Yet I kept at it, and completed my homework each night.  My parents and I were elated when I got a 70% or higher on any tests, or even just a passing mark.

When I was held back a year to re-do grade three, is when the bullying started.  Back then we called it teasing or ‘picking on’ someone.  However being flung around the girls change room in grade 7 by my bra strap and flung into the cubby’s is more than just teasing or ‘picking on’ someone.  I was teased and bullied from grades three to eight.  On top of the academic struggles I had each night, I would come home upset from the teasing and bullying.  My parents did what they could, and encouraged me to keep going each day, and go to school.  At the grade eight graduation I was presented with the Most Improved Student Award.  I did it without going into the special education program.

I went onto DHS for grade nine, and then PRSS (when it opened in September 1992) for the remaining years of high school.  Then completing my OAC’s (Grade 13) and being accepted to Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario where I graduated with a BA in Sociology.

I lived with the thoughts of ‘not good enough’ to be the “A” student throughout my schooling and into adulthood.

Why did I just share this personal information with you?  It is my intention that you and your teachers think about coding your students.  As well as help your students who are being bullied.  I am aware of different programs and lectures now about bullying which is a help and a start.  Yet more can be done in regards to self-esteem/confidence.

Speaking of self-confidence, I have broken the mental and emotional block about being that “C” student.  I have now been published in 2 international bestselling book anthologies.  Also what you find in this package to you is a book that I compiled in August 2014.  I am an international bestselling compiler.  I have blown that idea of not writing well as told to me in elementary school out of the water.

Enjoy the book “Inch by Inch ~ Growing in Life” as my gift to you, and your staff.  If others wish to purchase the book it is available on  The book has 30 stories of children overcoming adversity under the age of 12.

I also now am an Empowerment Leader, working with girls on self-esteem/confidence, and self-acceptance.  Which I believe can help curb and stop bullying.  Children bully a lot of the time because they are not happy with themselves, and bully someone because it makes them feel better.  As well as I am a Transformational Speaker sharing my story of resiliency, to empower audiences to never give up, to keep going no matter what.  Bullying and academic struggles were not my first time being resilient.  As you will read in my book, I am a miracle baby, with being born in 1976, at 26 weeks gestation, my birth weight was 1 pound 12 ounces, I was given 24hrs to live.

Offering hope to everyone that it does get better, that they can overcome any challenge they face.

I look forward to hearing from you, to help empower your students and staff alike.



Aime Hutton

self version 2


2014 Coming to a Close

Wow!  What a year 2014 has been!  What did you experience?  What did you get to celebrate?  What did you learn?  Who did you connect with?  Did you lose anyone close to you this year?

I know that many things were celebrated, experienced this year for me.

I also know that I connected with some amazing people from all over the world, and also unfortunately experienced 4 loses of friends/family this year too.

Have you started to plan and think of 2015 yet?  I have!  I want to share with you some of the goals and intentions I have set for myself:

  • To take my eBook I wrote last year “The Hidden Jewels to Being a Wonder Girl” and transforming it into a print book, and perhaps also figuring out how to make it an audio book.  You can find out information in the Books section of the website.
  • The intention has been also set to have planned a Mum/Daughter retreat to the magical land of Ireland!
  • As many of you know this goal was set on Oct. 7 that I raise $3000 for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa Canada.  The same hospital that saved my life.
  • To speak to organizations/agencies sharing my story of a true miracle.
  • To have my international best selling book “Inch by Inch – Growing in Life” be in gift shops in hospitals across Canada.
  • To facilitate more live workshops for tween and teen girls on a variety of subjects/topics.


What about you?  What are your goals/intentions/wishes for 2015 for you?

Would love to hear below!


They yearned to know…..

The Skype presentation for the Power Girls Circle in South Africa

The Skype presentation for the Power Girls Circle in South Africa

Back on March 5, 2014,  I had the pleasure and honour to speak to a group of girls in South Africa via Skype.  It was very early in the morning for me it was about 4:15am, and I was awake and buzzing with energy.

I was about to talk to a group of girls who were open and raw asking questions about dating violence.  And the questions they asked blew me away.  I’ve never been asked these type of questions.  The girls yearned to know so much knowledge.  And they yearned to discuss their questions.  Such as “How does a girl protect herself from being raped?”  Or “How does a girl heal after being raped?”  And also “If a girl is raped and becomes pregnant, should she keep the baby?”

Power Girls Circle ~ South Africa

The girls were excited to engage and talk with me, via Skype

We talked openly and honestly about their questions, and the girls were amazing, they knew the answers from their own questions.  They loved the interaction with our discussion.  I am so proud and honoured to have been talking with them.

Power Girls Circle South Africa

Power Girls Circle South Africa ~ a brave girl coming forward to share her answer with me and the rest of the group.


Find below the testimonials from the girls:

“I enjoyed the fact that Aime was open to talk about anything and that she answered our questions honestly.”

“I learned:

  • Not to allow boys to control you
  • Not to allow the boy to make all the decisions
  • Not to stay when you start to feel a bit uncomfortable
  • Always be with friends or go on group dates”

“I had a lovely time when you talked to us.  I learnt a lot about the signs of a bad relationship.  It was my first time here and I was so glad that I had the privilege to know more about relationships so I’ll know what to do in the future.  Thank you so much for making a difference in our lives.”

“The Skype call was really inspiring and it taught me a lot of things eg. teaching me to be independent and to always say no if I don’t agree with something.  It also added onto my knowledge.”  ~ Innocentia Nene

“I learnt the signs of dating violence is that he will control you, control your money and what you wear but I think it really doesn’t make sense because they should accept you instead of changing or controlling you.”

“I thought the Skype session was very touching.  How Aime was able to get through what had been done to her.  I was inspired about how she was able to move on with the rest of her life and to tell other people about her story.  Her story was very sad but also made me aware of what could happen to a girl and makes me know what to do if it ever happens.”  ~ Aphelele Ndlovu

The girls celebrating the answers given by peers

The girls celebrating the answers given by peers.

“I think the Skype session was very informative and hearing different views from different people was good.  Actually hearing someone who has gone through it talk about it actually puts more meaning into what she said rather than hearing a professor from university give his/her views.  I loved the Skype session and think it was very helpful in terms of gearing me up for the future.”  ~ Asande

“The last Skype session with Aime was very informative about relationships and the things that you should be careful of and the things you should just avoid.  It was very nice to hear about her stories and I have learned how to handle a relationship even if it isn’t one hundred percent, it will be better than if I didn’t know.”  ~  Matha Mnisi

“I learnt how to see if the person you are dating is violent or not.  I also learnt the person must accept who you are.”  ~ Ayesha

“I learnt how to see a person who mistreats you and controls your life.”  ~ Buhlebenkosi

“The session was very inspirational.  I learnt how to be an independent and empowered woman and how to act positive towards life.”  ~ Sinethemba

“It was very interesting learning how men can control you in a relationship and abuse, not treating you in a way that you should be treated, and also being aware on your first date.”  ~ Amahle

“I was really inspired by your speech and I learned how you should be careful of who you date and to always be aware of dangerous people.”  ~ Laiya

“I really liked your talk.  I learnt many things that are happening in reality.  Your stories touched me and I will not forget them.”  ~ Nokuthula


Thank you to Haseena Patel for asking me to speak to your girls.  I am humbled by the responses by your girls.  Your girls are so brave and amazing.  If anyone wants more information on her organization check out Leave No Girl Behind and engage with them, find out how you can be of service!

And if YOU want Inch by Inch Empowerment to come to your school/program to speak please contact us!  Click to our Contact Us page and put “Girls Talk” in the subject line!  We would be happy to be of service to YOU!