Healthy Relationships Are What?

Healthy relationships are very important to everyone I know.  Yes they are important to me too.  As some of you may know I was not in a healthy relationship in university. Healthy relationships are more than being with your partner (boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife).  Having healthy relationships with your friends and family too.  Know that relationships […]

Persistence Pays

Persistence, how does that relate to the topic this month of ‘get moving’?  Well, in one respect it does not.  And yet I believe it does as well. On June 7, 2015 I had a dream come true.  And it took persistence and continual movement forward for it to come true.  The Children’s Hospital of […]

Happy + Helping = Great!

Happy + Helping = Great!  Yes I said it! What did you do this month to help others?  What was on your list of what made you happy?  Have you made your list?  Do you need to go back and make your list of what makes you happy? When you have created you list, go […]