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Be A Mover Like The Olympians

Be a mover! Just like the Olympians!

Be a mover! Just like the Olympians!

Caring adults!  This is another great blog post for your daughter and you to read and experiment with.   Gather your tween girl in your life, and let’s have a fun time discovering what it means to be a mover!

With the Olympic Games finishing up on Sunday, I thought it would be a great time to talk about what it mean to be a mover.  How are you moving in the world?  What do you like to do that gets your heart racing.  Just like the Olympians who competed from all corners of the world.  They were doing things to get their hearts racing, and they also really enjoyed their sport that they were competing in.

Maybe you liked watching the track and field?  Or the swimming?  Or maybe the rowing?  Have you ever done those kinds of sports?  Did you like it?  Or were there sports that you had never heard of and are curious about trying them out?  Go and do that!  Move your body, do something that makes you happy!!

Are you ready to shake things up?  Let’s look at something that is not a sport, in the Olympics yet is lots of fun, and will get your heart racing just like the Olympians!  How do you feel when you’re dancing?  Are you happy?  Dancing and moving to music ups your happy energy and you can be more creative after dancing to some music when working on an essay or project for school.

Music also helps you relax and unwind.  Adults also call it ‘de-stress’.  Different kinds of music can make you feel different too.  How do you feel when there’s soft music playing?  How do you feel when there’s loud music playing?  Or how about what some adults call ‘angry’ music – the heavy metal music.  That maybe you like and that’s okay. Why not try something new and stretch outside your box even for just one song.

Dancing is a way we move through our lives.  And it’s always better to dance towards something rather than away from it. 

Being a mover and a shaker shows the world that you are here to be seen and heard.  How are you going to dance and move through your life?  The choice is up to you always!


Get Moving in June!

Moving is fun!  Make it happen!

Moving is fun! Make it happen!

Moving in any kind of way is always a good thing.  And that is what this month is all about!  Get groovy moving!

What excites you about being active.  What are the activities that you enjoy doing?

I know for me, I am not a huge fan of being inside at a gym.  For me to get moving, I prefer to do other things.  Love dancing!  I will break out into spontaneous dance parties in my living room even.  Did you know that there is an underlying reason for dancing is a great thing to do?  Yes!  Dancing raises the ‘happy’ endorphins in your body, the more dancing you do most often the happier you will become.

Sometimes dancing can bring up sad emotions too, or even angry emotions.  And that is perfectly okay.  Moving your body, getting the pent up energy that is inside you that is sad or angry out of you is always a good thing to do.  I have had it happen to me a few times.  I’ll set the intention to do some dance, some sacred movement and the energy that comes out of me is sometimes so powerful that I will start sweating even after one song!

If you are not a fan of dancing, just say to the music.  Back and forth like you are rocking.  There is a great quote that I love and it is “If you can walk you can dance.”

Give this song a try…..get up and dance to it.  You may think, moving and dancing to this song is silly, yet let go of the ‘this is silly’ thoughts and just let go.  Move your body to this song.  As I said above, even swaying to the music back and forth.  Have fun, and smile!!

If you wish help on moving, dreaming, and much more contact us at Inch by Inch Empowerment!  We would love to help you and your daughter!


Inch by inch yes YOU can!

inch by inch you can dream and do it!

Inch by inch I know you can reach goals and dreams.  What is something you wanted to do when younger, yet never did.  Or what was a dream you had when younger?

I’ve been noticing that as kids transition to teens, and then adults that the dreams that we had a child, go away.  A lot of the time how this appears to happen is school and life.  Children are told as they grow that sometimes there dreams are silly, that the will never get to be the NHL hockey star, or the next Katy Perry.  A lot of the time kids are told to get back to reality, and get their heads out of the clouds.  Especially as they grow, and hit high school.  Inch by inch their dreams are broken apart.  Sometimes by those who love them the most.

Speaking of myself, I know when I was a young girl, I wanted to dance on stage doing ballet.  It was a dream I had.  A loved one told me that the dream of dancing on stage can not continue as I did not look like a dancer.

last time dancing ballet on stage

last time dancing ballet on stage

It’s time to awaken your dreams again!  How are you going to inch by inch do that?  Think of something you wanted to do as a child, and write that down on paper.  Then create ways that you can move towards that goal or dream.  Small steps, or as I like to say inch by inch you can get there.

There is a song that always reminds me to dream.  My friend Annie sent me the video and I want to encourage you to continue to dream.  Inch by inch you can dream again!

Would you love to help your daughter awaken her dreams again?  It can be done!  Click here for your tween daughter and click here for your teenage daughter!


Start Living NOW!

eWomen Network lit signage in the hotel, Dallas Texas 2013

eWomen Network lit signage in the hotel, Dallas Texas 2013

My heart is heavy as I sit in a local greasy spoon diner to write today.  I’ve never come here to write.  I normally write in coffee or tea shops.  This morning I choose to come here.  The Blackfoot Truck Stop has been in Calgary for MANY years.

My belly is full on eggs benny, earl grey tea, and bacon.  Yet my heart is still sad and heavy.  Heaven had a knock at the door this early morning from my dear friend Shaun Stephenson who bravely fought a short battle with breast cancer.  Shaun was so full of light, wisdom, love, and compassion for others.  We met in 2012 at eWomen Network International Conference.  I was dancing around my chair before the event officially started.  Shaun came over to me and said she must get to know me, as she loves my energy, she thought it was beautiful.  It was an instant connection of heart to heart.  She was one of my first international cheer leaders from eWomen Network.  She always had words of wisdom to share, and a willingness and openness to dance when ever there was music playing.  We would dance anywhere at the conference where there was music playing.  We stayed in contact through the year with the magic of facebook.  Last year she even nominated me for the International Award for eWomen Network Business Matchmaker of the Year for 2013.

Rochelle, Shaun and myself at eWomen Network International Conference 2013, Dallas Texas.

Rochelle, Shaun and myself at eWomen Network International Conference 2013, Dallas Texas.

One of Shaun’s messages she kept sharing and spreading to others was to start living now.  She didn’t want us to wait till tomorrow.  So what am I doing about it?  I choose to live, even if it’s just a small step towards goals or dreams.  Remember Oprah doing her “Wildest Dreams Tour” one year?   I have crazy wild dreams like dancing on stage as a ‘back up dancer’ for Beyonce, dancing solo on the eWomen Network main stage to the song “Halo” by Beyonce.

Then I have other dreams that I have been working on for a while, one is to be a published author with my name on the front of the book.  I have been a part of a few books now that I am a contributing author too.  The two books last year made International Best Seller on Amazon within their first day on Amazon.  This was step one of the goal.  Now step two, is International Best Selling Author with my name on the front of the book, as the compiler!  And this is going to happen.  I have been working on a book project called “Inch by Inch ~ Growing in Life”.  As of right now there are 5 more spaces left.  This book will have stories from some brave and amazing men and women who openly share about overcoming adversity as a small child.

Inch by Inch ~ Growing in Life book cover.

Inch by Inch ~ Growing in Life book cover.


So my ask to you all, is what are you not doing that you need to be doing in your life to live?  What is it that makes your heart sing and dance?  What gets you jazzed about?  Let us know below in the comment section!

Start Living Now!

Start Living Now!



Welcome to the new home of Inch by Inch Empowerment.  In this blog will be sparks of inspiration for you the reader, thoughts about different subjects around the area of empowerment for you.  As well as some information on a topic that is dear to my heart.  Dating violence and healthy relationships.

Quick messages sometimes with a video to encourage you to have a dance break.

Thanks for joining me here!

Till next time keep putting one foot in front of the other, believe in yourself, and let others help you!!