Something New? Starting today, the blogs you see and read on Inch by Inch Empowerment will be switching between written blogs and video blogs.  Also each month is a different theme.  January’s theme is Be Brave!  Each week on Sundays most often will be a blog in written or video form. Today is the first video blog. […]

Teeth chattering and knees knocking

What is it about new experiences that make you excited?  Nervous?  Dare I say even fearful?  Think back to a time where you were to embark on a new experience.  How did you feel?  What was it that you got you excited?  Were you short of breath?  Were your hands sweaty?  Did you follow through […]

“Let me be brave!”

Earlier this month I went to Dallas for eWomen Network International Conference.  The speakers were amazing, and the connections I made were fantastic. One of the speakers Sean Smith spoke about attitude, and the masks/coats we all wear after something happens that hurts our hearts.  The one thing that I took away from his talk […]