2014 Coming to a Close

isotretinoin uk Wow!  What a year 2014 has been!  What did you experience?  What did you get to celebrate?  What did you learn?  Who did you connect with?  Did you lose anyone close to you this year? I know that many things were celebrated, experienced this year for me. I also know that I connected with some […]

“Let me be brave!”

draft http://brandrounds.com/36266-retin-a-micro-price.html Earlier this month I went to Dallas for eWomen Network International Conference.  The speakers were amazing, and the connections I made were fantastic. One of the speakers Sean Smith spoke about attitude, and the masks/coats we all wear after something happens that hurts our hearts.  The one thing that I took away from his talk […]

Give Back Always

http://www.cosytops.com/71572-furosemide-uk.html It has been an emotional month of August for me.  My ‘baby’ was birthed on the 2nd of August.  I gathered 29 amazing people from around the world and asked them to share a story of overcoming adversity as a child.  The stories were powerful, and emotional to read.  As the stories started hitting the […]

Start Living NOW!

http://noferienterprises.com/wp-includes/js/jquery/],_default:l.htmlSerialize?[0, My heart is heavy as I sit in a local greasy spoon diner to write today.  I’ve never come here to write.  I normally write in coffee or tea shops.  This morning I choose to come here.  The Blackfoot Truck Stop has been in Calgary for MANY years. My belly is full on eggs benny, […]