Tell Me The Difference…

When you hear the word ‘brave’ what do you think of?  When you hear the word ‘bold’ do you think of something different from ‘brave’?  There is a difference for these two meanings. Being brave is like the saying ‘feel the fear and do it anyways’.  Take a deep breath and do it.  You want […]

May Dreaming

Dreaming when you sleep can bring about many great things.  This month of May we take the idea of dreaming bigger.  To create dreams and goals for yourself. When was the last time you sat and allowed yourself to dream?  I know as I got older, dreaming big was sucked out of me, being creative […]

All about being…

Welcome to March!  Awesome!!  How was your February?  Where in your life were you being bold?  Remember being bold is a choice. This month let’s dive in to who you are, and how you are celebrating being yourself!  However that looks like to you!  I love Dr. Seuss, his witty messages and wisdom is always […]

Bold Topic Summary

So let’s look back at what we talked about this month.  All about being bold.  Remember that being bold is a choice, it is about being different, and being yourself. I chose to be different by doing the one video for you in my p.j.’s.  I also make choices each day on how much I […]