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Body Image

Love your body!

Parents of tween and teen girls!  This article is for them!  Talk about it, don’t be afraid.  How comfortable are you in your own body?

With school rolling around the corner let’s take a moment and talk about something…..

There are experts that talk about being in your body, and being ‘one’ with something.  Think of your favourite music group/singer.  When they perform, sing, or play and instrument they could look so amazing like the guitar is almost a part of them.  Or there is an example of surfers.  They will say that they feel one with the ocean.  The surfers feel in complete control over their body, and the wave at the same time.  How aware are you of your body?  Do you know where your feet are at this moment?  Look down at your feet.  What are they touching?

Do you realize that ad’s you see in Teen Vogue or the 17 magazines have all been altered?  The models do not wake up in the morning with their make-up on and hair done.  It takes a team to get a model ready for the camera.  And then after the photo shoot is done the editor staff use the computer and adjust everything!  They remove birth marks, change skin ones, and will also take away any extra body rolls that do not make the model look flattering.

The computer photo that has been altered is the one that you see in the Teen Vogue or 17 magazines.  Sometimes ads in magazines are all about ‘dress this way to attract a guy’. Or there are others that are totally degrading towards women.  Some ads are very sexual in nature, or sometimes even violent towards women.  There is a video on you-tube about how models are altered in the editing room.  Click here to watch the video.

How comfortable are you in your own skin?  Do you like what you see in the mirror?  Here’s a tip, don’t compare yourself in those magazines!  Also find things you like about your body.  Even if it is just your smile.  That’s a great start!  So many girls your age are thinking the same thing.  That they hate their body and wish they looked like someone else.  This may sound harsh, but stop that!  Your body is perfect as it is right now!



Being Aware with Pokémon Go

How aware are you?

Parents of teen/tween girls!  This is to read with your daughter!  A couple of important tips and tools are here for your daughter to know and understand!  There have been so many stories I’m seeing about the Pokemon Go game on people’s phones.  What’s it all about?  Getting healthy?  Getting outside?  Meeting new people?  Engaging with the world around you?  Let’s look though at something some may have not thought to think about.  Safety and being aware of those around you!

How aware are you when you are playing Pokémon Go?  Do you see people out where you are when you’re playing your game, yet are not on their phone, or talking with others about the game?  Here’s the special tip!!  When you are out with friends be aware of people you do not know.  This doesn’t mean be scared to go out with friends.  It means have a plan if something does happen and you’re scared to know what to do.  Families may have a code word that you can text your parents at times like this.

Are you playing the game in the dark?  Outside?  If you are travel with friends in groups.  And tell your parents/caring adults where you are going.  They worry about your safety and want to make sure you are aware of yours as well.

Let’s switch to online interaction.  What about being aware of others while online?  Like Face Book, or Snap Chat?  How much info are you telling others?  Do you post public photos of yourself for everyone to see?  Or just your friends from school?  People you actually know, and have met.  Thee could be a time when someone messages you privately on Face Book that finds you cute, and maybe you like his profile picture too.  Unless you actually know him, do not agree to meet or send pictures to him.  It could be a person who wants to take advantage of you!