Stress affects every one differently.  This month we will dive into this world.  Learn some of the common reasons why people have stress, and what are the ways to relax, and lessen your stress. I know for me, stress in my world can be a scary thing.  I at one point got so worked up, […]

June review

It’s the end of June!  Wow!  We are half way through the year!  And this month we have talked about how to get and keep moving in your life. To review the month of June we discussed how to keep moving in your life is always a good thing.  I suggested the top 10 ways […]

May Dreaming

Dreaming when you sleep can bring about many great things.  This month of May we take the idea of dreaming bigger.  To create dreams and goals for yourself. When was the last time you sat and allowed yourself to dream?  I know as I got older, dreaming big was sucked out of me, being creative […]

Happy + Helping = Great!

Happy + Helping = Great!  Yes I said it! What did you do this month to help others?  What was on your list of what made you happy?  Have you made your list?  Do you need to go back and make your list of what makes you happy? When you have created you list, go […]