Be A Mover Like The Olympians

Be a mover! Just like the Olympians!
Be a mover! Just like the Olympians!

Caring adults!  This is another great blog post for your daughter and you to read and experiment with.   Gather your tween girl in your life, and let’s have a fun time discovering what it means to be a mover!

With the Olympic Games finishing up on Sunday, I thought it would be a great time to talk about what it mean to be a mover.  How are you moving in the world?  What do you like to do that gets your heart racing.  Just like the Olympians who competed from all corners of the world.  They were doing things to get their hearts racing, and they also really enjoyed their sport that they were competing in.

Maybe you liked watching the track and field?  Or the swimming?  Or maybe the rowing?  Have you ever done those kinds of sports?  Did you like it?  Or were there sports that you had never heard of and are curious about trying them out?  Go and do that!  Move your body, do something that makes you happy!!

Are you ready to shake things up?  Let’s look at something that is not a sport, in the Olympics yet is lots of fun, and will get your heart racing just like the Olympians!  How do you feel when you’re dancing?  Are you happy?  Dancing and moving to music ups your happy energy and you can be more creative after dancing to some music when working on an essay or project for school.

Music also helps you relax and unwind.  Adults also call it ‘de-stress’.  Different kinds of music can make you feel different too.  How do you feel when there’s soft music playing?  How do you feel when there’s loud music playing?  Or how about what some adults call ‘angry’ music – the heavy metal music.  That maybe you like and that’s okay. Why not try something new and stretch outside your box even for just one song.

Dancing is a way we move through our lives.  And it’s always better to dance towards something rather than away from it. 

Being a mover and a shaker shows the world that you are here to be seen and heard.  How are you going to dance and move through your life?  The choice is up to you always!