Welcome!  Do you remember being in Jr. High, or High School?  Remember how you felt?  We here at Inch by Inch Empowerment find it fascinating that so many young girls are the target of bullying, have low self esteem, and do not believe in themselves.  Aime Hutton has created a process that can help your daughter to believe in herself, overcome the bully, and to be the amazing young woman she has been born to be!  We specialize in helping empower tween and teen girls through their own empowerment cycle of life.

Sometimes girls experience situations that chip away, and even blow out the door of their belief in themselves, their self love, and self confidence.

Through a variety of experiential activities for both online and live events created for their age groups, each tween or teen girl will experience their own empowerment.  By using the  Experiential Empowerment Cycle that the CEO of Inch by Inch Empowerment Aime Hutton has developed each tween or teen will use all three parts of the cycle to grow inch by inch to believe in themselves again.

The mission of Inch by Inch Empowerment

Empowering tween and teen girls (age 10 – 18), one step at a time.  Facilitating engaging, fun, and transformational workshops.  Customized to each audience and organization’s needs.  Guiding girls to be brave, bold, and celebrate being their unique selves.  Covering topics that are not always discussed in schools.

The vision of Inch by Inch Empowerment

Creating a world were all girls regardless of their race, religious creed, culture, ‘status’ in their community can bravely stand up and be herself.  To not fear being treated like a 2nd class person because she is a girl.  To know her own personal power, and to create a world that she wants, and deserves.